Monday, April 26, 2010

Wheel. Of. Fortune.

My mom called to tell me they were having wheel of fortune auditions about an hour away. That's all I had to hear and I was in! Hubby and I loaded up and made the drive. We made a weekend of it: a night in a hotel, out for pizza at Uno's, yummy breakfast in the morning. Them we headed over to auditions where we passed The Wheelmobile (every scrabble nerds dream. I should know.). We stood in line forever. We finally made it inside where Road Show Pat and Road Show Vanna called contestant after contestant to come up and play a speed round. Good times were had by all. Alas, we did not get chosen for the audition or the show. But we did get pics with Real Pat and Real Vanna:

He's posing extremely weird.  He didn't actually tell Vanna to "get in my belly" despite how it looks.

I'm in the presence of game show greatness.