Thursday, July 14, 2011

Body Combat

Monday night I tried something new.  I went to a Women's Only Club (NOT the same as a gentlemen's club, fyi) and got a 3 month membership.  They don't have cardio equipment, except spin bikes, as it is a "class only" kind of place.  They offer Les Mills classes like Body Pump and Body Combat, a spin class, weight lifting classes, etc. 

Monday night I went to my first class, Body Combat.  It was fun, like Zumba, so you didn't really feel like you were quote-unquote working out.  BUT it was so much easier than Zumba because you didn't have to be a Dance Goddess to keep up.  It was a mix of different styles of martial arts moves set to music.  We did all sorts of combinations of punches, kicks, lunges, chops and so on.  We didn't stop moving the ENTIRE HOUR.  I was a sweaty, tired mess and could barely lift my arms by the end of the class.  And I loved it!

Every day since that class I have been so, so sore.  My abs feel like they've never even been used before Body I only just discovered them.  I obviously got an amazing arm workout too, because OW. 

Anybody else ever try Body Combat??  Did you LOVE it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Nice to Me. I Gave Blood Today. blood is an excellent thing.  I feel like it is my civic duty, as a healthy and able-bodied person to donate blood while I can.  There is a critical shortage right now so it is especially important.  I give every 2 months, unless I have a race coming up within a couple weeks time.  Today at work we had a blood drive, and as usual I donated.

Tonight when I got home from work and church it was gorgeous outside.  It was about 88 degrees with a nice breeze.  Amazing considering the last two days topped out at 105 degrees.  So although I generally swear off running/exercising the day that I give blood, tonight I couldn't resist heading out for a short run.

Ummmmm....1.1 miles in 13:59.  In 13:59 I took no fewer than 3 walk breaks.  My chest hurt, my arm hurt, and my pride hurt.  There's a reason the Red Cross tells you not to do any strenuous exercise the day that you give blood.  Trust me.