About Me

I'm a momma to two beautiful little girls and wife to one great husband.  I love to run and read.  I must have coffee!  I'm a little bit of a slob and a little bit OCD.  I love crunching numbers and solving Sudoku puzzles.  I appreciate honesty.  I love baseball.  There is no better feeling than sitting at the ballpark, soaking up the sunshine, eating a ballpark hot dog, and drinking an ice cold PepsiSometimes my thoughts travel out of my mouth before I have time to filter them.  I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper and ice cream.  I love Gilmore Girls and I’m still mad there was no Season 8.  Other guilty pleasures include The Biggest Loser, The Office, House, and Grey’s Anatomy.  Dilbert makes me laugh.  I love music, and have the most eclectic taste.  I will definitely listen to country, rap, r&b, christian, and classic rock...all on the same playlistI'm training for a marathon and hoping like crazy that I can wrap my mind around actually going the distance.  It would also help if my knees were kind enough to go the distance with me too.