Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm claiming it, here and now!  When I run the Indy Mini in May I am going to beat my PR of 1:58:59.  I don't care if that means running it in 1:58:58...whatever the numbers, I plan to PR. 

The Mini and I have unfinished business since I fell during training this spring and had to downgrade to the 5K.  I had to come back from that fall slowly, doing a run-walk thing instead of just a run thing.  The marathon I was supposed to run on Nov. 6 was downgraded to a half.  A miserable, painful, depressing, 2:47:45 half.  It really wasn't depressing because of the time, but instead because of how awful I felt.  I was in pain nearly the whole time, and the mental aspect never kicked in for me.  I was down on myself the entire time.

Well, I've got big plans involving a sports doctor and a whole lot of ambition and I am going to nail a PR this spring! 


I'm back.  I think.

I sort of disappeared on the internets when I had some bad, terrible, awful stuff go down at home.  I sort of disappeared on people in real life too.  I'm not really ready to talk about what happened, if ever.  But I am ready to engage with the world again! 

I've got some big goals set for my next half marathon and I'm ready to put them out there in Blogland and then make them happen!  More on that in my next post :)