Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vegan-ary Day 5

I'm still here, still going on the vegan-ish diet. Thursday I donated blood at the blood drive at work. The lady who I ended up with was the most polite phlebotomist ever. However, she also must have been brand new because she butchered me. She put the needle in and missed the vein or something so I ended up with THREE OTHER PEOPLE coming over and the needle never leaves my arm. They just dig it around and around until they get it where they want. It hurt SO bad! Anyway, civic duty done but it wore me out and left me woozy so our run was put off again.

Friday was my day off work. I did tons of laundry, washed some dishes, and watched some Gilmore Girls. Pretty good day off! Dave got home around 2 and we finally got a run in. And it was rough... Giving blood kicked our butts and we were s-l-o-w but another 30 minutes went in the books.

Yesterday we spent the day trying to rearrange the basement and failing miserably. So we will probably be back at that today. Apparently rearranging things the day before the Super Bowl is anxiety-producing for my husband. Whoops.

We also have a rainy run scheduled for this morning. I'm hoping to feel much much better than we did on Friday. My veins are feeling clean and my body feels good, so I'm counting on a good strong run. We shall see.

I am having one adverse effect that I blame on the diet. Pimples!! I have 2 new, painful ones that have broken out in the last day and a half. Dr. Google thinks it might be dairy detox?

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