Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vegan-ary Day 6

We got a cold morning run in, thanks to having my mom as babysitter. We did 2.3 miles in 30 minutes. Slow. But that includes a couple walk breaks. We still havent come up to full running since doing the walk/run program at our last Half and then taking a nearly 2 month layoff after. Anyway, it felt fine and we were really glad when it was done. We decided that this week we are going to run 30 minutes continuously by the end of the week. It's time. We usually run a really hilly route, so this week we are going to the track. The nice flat surface will give us a chance to work on our time goal and get our running confidence back.

For lunch we decided to be brave and eat a couple new (to us) things. We tried Morningstar riblets and The Vegan Zombie Mac and Cheese.

Wow. Okay, the riblets actually tasted pretty good but I have a huge mental block when it comes to fake meat. The idea of it just grosses me out. Now, I think it's a fabulous tool to help someone transition. Like my husband. He has a hard time going without meat. It doesn't feel like a real meal to him without a meat and a couple sides. For him the fake meat is really helping. For me it's kind of creepy. On the plus side, it tasted (and actually kind of looked) like a McRib, which I always loved.  Maybe on a bun I could get past the creepy...anyway, it tasted okay and I ate it and moved on with my life.

Now...the Mac and cheese. Ok the prologue to the story is that I love the Vegan Zombie. His videos make me laugh and his recipes always look great and many taste great too. But I promised to give the good, the bad, AND the ugly so in the interest of full disclosure I did not dig the Mac and Cheese. I ate a few bites. I gagged. I gave it to the dog. Even the dog wouldn't eat it. True story. In 6 years my dog has never turned away food. Until today. Like I said, I am a huge an of the Vegan Zombie recipes, but this one just wasn't a match for me.

Ok, the Super Bowl deserves its own post. Stay tuned.

(not today, but isn't he cute?)

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