Monday, February 6, 2012

Vegan-ary Day 6 Super Bowl Edition

Yesterday was day 6. And I was worried about my willpower. Because I don't really have any. And it was the Super Bowl. I've always really loved the Super Bowl. Not because of the football, but because of the commercials and the food. In years past we could be found gorging ourselves on pizza, wings, cookies, brownies, chips and cheese dip, maybe some little meatballs or pigs-in-a-blanket. This year, we had to come up with a Vegan spread.

Now the goal wasn't necessarily to eat healthy, just to eat vegan. I still believe that by cutting out all animal fat we still had a pretty healthy day as compared to Super Bowls gone by.

Our menu:

Coca cola brownies (box of brownie mix, 2/3 can coca-cola, mix and bake according to pkg directions)
Ranch oyster crackers
Spring Oreos
PB filled pretzels

We were sufficiently satisfied by all our choices. The brownies and cookie dough balls were amazing. I mean, if people and dessert could marry, I would live in polygamy with those 2 desserts. The oyster crackers were pretty good, but a little heavy on the onion powder for me. If I make them again, I will cut back on the onion powder and they will be perfect. The "cheese" sauce...well. It was fine. We ate it, and there have definitely been some things we have thrown away so the very fact that we ate it says something. However. Some vegans will say things like "so good even non-vegans will eat it" or "it tastes exactly like I remember cheese tasting". Ok. I will not lie. The people who say that must not have had cheese in a looooong time. This stuff was edible, I loved that it didn't give me a stomach ache, I loved that it didn't leave me feeling bloated, but it did not taste like cheese. It didn't. Now if I was desperate for football food I would probably make it again, but it wont be a weekly staple by any means. If you're thinking of trying it I recommend you use Fritos Scoops instead of plain tortilla chips. It tasted better on the Fritos.

Oreos and PB pretzels are accidentally vegan foods. I love accidentally vegan foods. They really help when I'm having major cravings and will power issues!!


  1. mmm, pb and pretzels...what can't be great about that :)

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